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Who is eligible for services from CAFY?

We assist anyone who becomes a victim of a crime in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

What services does CAFY provide?

We provide a wide range of services. We have case managers that assist with referrals and advocacy. We offer counseling, court education, legal services. ​

How can I get a Peace or Protection order?

We will refer you to our legal advisor. Please call 301-882-533 or fill the form below.

Can I obtain a copy of my incident report?

Not from CAFY. You may obtain the incident report from the detective assigned to your case or from the local police records department.

Can I get my child transferred if they have been a victim in/during or while traveling to school?

You can file a request for an emergency transfer with the school board.  Incidents should also be reported to the school principal and their resource officers.

I have been mandated by the court to allow visitations. I do not agree, what should I do?

You should always follow the court’s orders. Seek out a program that will facilitate a smooth transfer for visitation. Prince George’s County has three and one is located at CAFY’s Counseling & Family Center. Call 301-883-7322 for more information.