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Victim Services

Victim Services

If you are in IMMEDIATE danger, call 911

Since 2003, CAFY has been in the forefront of servicing all survivors. Families affected by untimely deaths, domestic and sexual assaults, robbery, etc. can begin to reclaim their lives with the support of our case management team and our services. Our case managers are here to provide victims with recovery information and emotive support, as well as to help with finding and applying to other resources.

Home Visits

A case manager and counselor will come to the home of the client and assist them with services (VINE, CICB, Victim Service Plan, and help client complete a protective order) inside of their home. Candidates for home visits are clients who do not have transportation, health conditions restrict them from traveling, fear (afraid to leave their home after the incident), or have children.

Court Companionship

On the road to recovery, you will go through some uncomfortable challenges. For those who are fearful or in need of a supportive face in the courtroom, our case managers can assist. Your case manager will accompany and be present in the courtroom at all hearings: protective orders, trials, sentencing, and any other court proceeding.

Financial Empowerment

To support those survivors with financial hardships rebuild, CAFY offers several programs to assist with educational and workforce placement, as well as relocation and burial expenses. We offer financial education, micro-enterprise support loan, micro-loans, and match of savings for bank accounts.