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“It’s about 6pm, Saturday, and I had to call and say today’s court education session was very instructive. I received a lot of good information on court room etiquette, and to have the support of my case manager leading up to this session has been wonderful. I feel very good about the service.”

Ms. C

“I was sinking into depression, and at times I didn’t believe I could live without my son. However, your weekly counseling sessions and phone call has helped me heal, and keep my sanity.”-

Anonymous, 13’

“Each week I look forward to attending group. Being able to connect with other mothers who has unfortunately experienced losing a child is strengthening and therapeutic.”


“ Wow, you guys have gone above and beyond to help our family, and for which we’re so grateful.”

Mr. O

“I was relocated through the Housing for a Cause Program, CAFY provided funds and I took out a micro-loan to help get me started.  My children have been out for over a year now.  We feel safe.”

Ms. T.